Fathers and Family Relationships

Recognising and Strengthening the Role of Fathers

CPS recognises the important role played by fathers in the lives of children. We also understand how the role of fathers in families is changing--and this brings new opportunities and challenges for men as well as for those who work with families.

The Fathers Support Services team works with men to strengthen their role as fathers by providing parenting information and supports through a range of activities. 

The Fathers Support Services team can also work with men to improve their relationship with their children’s mother – at CPS we recognise healthy relationships support children’s growth and development.  All services are available at no cost to participants.

The team is actively engaged in promoting the importance of father-inclusive practices in order to highlight the valuable and positive contribution of men to family life.
Our services include Counselling for Individuals and Couples, Family Support, I’m a Dad, I’m an Aboriginal Dad and Ngurungaeta Father's Group.

To talk to someone about any of these programs, please contact Carol Rosentreter, Team Leader, Father's Support Services, on 03 9450 0900 or by emailing cps@cps.org.au 

Counselling for Individuals and Couples

The Fathers Support Services team provides individual, couple (when appropriate) and family counselling support. 

Counselling aims to improve relationships within families - with children and partners, as well as to assisting men to make positive changes in other aspects of their lives. 

Fathers taking part in our counselling programs experience better relationships, improved control over their behaviour, better understanding of themselves and those around them and overall greater enjoyment of life.

Family Support

All parents need support to meet their own and their children’s needs.  While many families are able to access this support from extended family, friends or elsewhere in the community, others benefit from assistance provided by CPS.  This can include home visiting, personal support and advocacy, as well as information and advice.

I’m a Dad

I’m a Dad groups run at Northern Hospital and provide support for first-time fathers. 

New dads taking part in antenatal education programs at the hospital take part in an information session, and then meet for a follow-up Fatherhood Group after the birth of their child. 

Men find the opportunity to share their experiences of becoming a father an important part of their first steps to being a parent.

I’m an Aboriginal Dad

This is an individual support and consultation service for Aboriginal fathers-to-be at the Mercy Hospital. The program is designed to assist Koorie fathers-to-be to play an active role in their families. Culturally appropriate services are delivered by our indigenous Koorie Counsellor and Liaison Coordinator.

I’m an Aboriginal Dad believes in empowering families through strong fathering knowledge, offering a share of the knowledge of parenting through gatherings of Koorie fathers, grandfathers and step fathers.

Participants can also be supported through access to the wider resources provided by CPS such as counselling and family services, with cultural support by our indigenous worker.

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