Our Supporters and Partners

Since 1896, the Children’s Protection Society has been a leader in the child welfare sector, providing counselling and therapeutic services to vulnerable children and families in our community. 

We can’t do this work alone, and we would like to thank our valued supporters whose efforts each and every year enable us to continue working towards expanding and developing our services and programs, ensuring that all children and young people thrive in resilient, strong families and communities.

Special Acknowledgements

Leonie McNicol
Margaret Robinson
Volunteers, CPS Mentoring Mums
Volunteers, CPS Opportunity Shop

Trusts, Bequests & Foundations

The support we receive from Trusts and Foundations is extremely important in allowing the Children’s Protection Society to continue our work nurturing, supporting and strengthening the life chances for vulnerable children, young people and families.

CPS receives funding from philanthropic trusts for specific program areas and to fund new and innovative projects such as the Early Years Education Pilot Program and Research Project, the first of its kind in Australia. Children referred to the service receive intensive attachment-focused care and quality early education via highly skilled staff.

It is anticipated that learnings from our programs can and will be adapted to meet the needs of vulnerable children attending universal early years education centres across Australia.

Philanthropic trust funding allows CPS be innovative, flexible in our work and responsive to changing needs as they arise.

If you are a trustee or have links with a trust or foundation or funding body and would like to make a real difference to vulnerable children and families, please contact, our Development Department cps@cps.org.au, or phone: (03) 9450 0900.