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Our Story

CPS is proud of its long and rich history of over 120 years and its mission and journey of preventing child abuse and neglect in Victoria. Today we are still carrying out the mission that our forbearers forged 120 years ago.

Across the range of services we provide to children, young people and families, we deal everyday with complex issues of sexual abuse and neglect of children, family violence, homelessness, poverty, mental health, drug and alcohol issues and the trauma that these have on the lives of children and families.

We are continually seeking to improve what we do. Today we are focused and passionate about being an organisation that is child focused, innovative and agile in responding to the needs and issues children and families face and trialling and embedding new evidence-based programs.

Our Board, staff and volunteers are committed to ensuring that children get the best start in life and families are provided with support and learning to enable this to occur.

Our History

CPS was founded at a meeting at Government House on March 21st 1896 by then Governor of Victoria’s wife, Lady Sybil de Vere Brassy as the Victorian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (VSPCC).  

Its aims were to protect children from cruelty and neglect, to advance the claims of neglected, abandoned and orphaned children to the general public, to cooperate with existing societies for this purpose and to enforce the laws for the protection of neglected children and juvenile offenders. It was one of the few secular non-government agencies in the child welfare field.

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