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Strategic Planning

As part of its governance responsibilities, the Board of Governance and Executive Management team have documented our organisational priorities and goals as we work towards 2020. CPS's  strategic plan is supported by a three-year business plan and program plans. For more information about our strategic planning, please contact us.

Our Strategic Priorities

1. Our Clients

Children & young people are at the centre of everything we do. Our services need to work together with families and communities to deliver the best outcomes for children now and into the future.

To achieve this we have set ourselves the following goals:

  • Increasing the voice of children, young people and families in service delivery and service design.
  • Ensuring our practice is evidence based and child centred by developing solutions and practices that are responsive to changing needs and identified gaps.
  • Expanding our services to meet the needs of children, young people and families with particular attention to growing communities in our catchment and supporting increased uptake of our specialist services.
  • Exploring opportunities to expand early intervention and prevention services in partnership with government, service providers and philanthropy.
  • Building our expertise to advocate and influence social policy and practice.

2. Our People

To achieve our mission staff are critical to our success. We are committed to the welfare and development of our staff and volunteers to create a culture of innovation, excellence and participation.

To achieve this we have set ourselves the following goals:

Building a culture which aligns all staff with the strategic goals.

  • Developing a strong co-ordinated leadership model throughout the organisation.
  • Developing and implementing HR strategy focusing on recruitment, retention and development.
  • Ensuring a strong performance based culture focused on critical reflection and review to support good practice.
  • Strengthening our communication and connection across the organisation.
  • Nurturing and growing our volunteer services.

3. Our Partners and Supports

CPS has always been supported by the community, government, trusts, donors, partners, volunteers and our patrons. We appreciate and recognise the generosity of spirit of many people. We cannot do our work alone.

We are committed to maintaining our current relationships and building new ones by connection.

  • Developing clear and consistent messages about our work to build our supporter community.
  • Developing new partnerships with those interested in joining with us in our work.
  • Continuing to build our research partnerships to improve practice outcomes for children and influence service delivery approaches.
  • Maximising our patron, supporters and donor relationships by understanding and responding to their interest in connecting with CPS and its programs.

4. Organisational Sustainability

CPS has existed since 1896. To continue this legacy we need to focus on strong financial management, having contemporary infrastructure and strong organisational leadership. 

  • Strengthening governance framework and practice to support strong leadership of CPS.
  • Investing in required planning and infrastructure development to ensure the organisation is efficient and effective.
  • Establishing contemporary financial systems to ensure good stewardship of our financial resources.
  • Developing a long-term financial strategy to support organisational sustainability.
  • Strengthening our Quality framework and embed this across all of our services.