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21 Apr 2016

West Heidelberg childcare centre investigates ways to pro...

By Clare Rawlinson (posted on ABC News, 19 April) Elle knew the moment her post-natal depression and anxiety became dangerous. She was at home with her three-month-old son crying and a thought crossed her mind: "I wish he wasn't here." That was three years ago. Elle and her son are now healthy and happy, thanks to an emergency phone call she made that afternoon. Elle self-admitted to the Austin Hospital's mother baby unit, and from there she began a journey to recovery that may have saved her child's life. "It was terrifying. That point of realising I was thinking horrible thoughts," Elle said. "It wasn't a healthy thought and I knew straight away, so within about 40 seconds I picked up the phone and said I need help." After her stay at the hospital, Elle and husband Terry were referred to the Children's Protection Society's Early Years Education Program (EYEP) — a childcare centre designed to care for vulnerable children and families in West Heidelberg.  

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18 Apr 2016

Caring Dads Fathering Intervention workshop

As was reiterated by the Royal Commission into Family Violence, early intervention is integral to breaking the cycle of family violence and dysfunction. In this two-day event, Dr Katreena Scott and Tim Kelly of Canada's Caring Dads program will take participants through its philosophies and materials. There will be opportunities to practice some of the key exercises from the program and we will model how Caring Dads helps men: move from a position of minimisation to engagement; recognise the need to become more child-centred and respectful in their relationships with children and children’s mothers; and change their abusive behaviour. This training program is being hosted by No to Violence, the Children’s Protection Society, the University of Melbourne and the Berry Street Childhood Institute. Cost $400 for 2 days Please click here for event details and registration. Who should attend? Program developers who are considering designing a new program for men based on the 17 week Caring Dads program, or redeveloping a currently running program.

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11apr - 30mayapr 116:30 pmmay 30Dads Tuning in to KidsFor fathers of young children

15apr - 22julapr 1510:00 amjul 22Aboriginal Dads Activities Group


3may - 7junmay 36:30 pmjun 7Circle of Security for Dads

16may - 17may 169:00 ammay 17Collaboration in Fathering InterventionLessons learned from Caring Dads


9jun1:00 pm- 3:00 pmChildFIRST Information Session


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Case Study

Three children, family violence, a marriage breakdown and an abusive and controlling ex-husband…

This is a first hand account of how CPS helped a mum navigate a turbulent time in her life to the point where she is now excited about what the future holds for her family.