Feature Story
Kathy Gatsis

Team Leader for the Children’s Protection Society’s Heidelberg Family Services team, Kathy Gatsis has enjoyed a busy year at CPS, also filling the breach as acting Manager of Child and Family Services.

What attracted Kathy to the team leader position three years ago was the desire to broaden her experience at a larger agency, in addition to learning about other disciplines and speciality areas.

“I was already in a similar role in another family services catchment area but wanted to see how things could be done in another way. I was also interested in focusing on my staff group, developing their skills and interests, and doing focused work with the program”, said Kathy.

Kathy enjoys supporting staff and reflecting on new ways CPS can support vulnerable families more efficiently.

“I get great satisfaction from witnessing the great work my staff do”, said Kathy.  “I have learnt a great deal from listening to other staff speak about the work they do, particularly within the SACPP and Father’s programs“.

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